Curricula & Programming

On a cafeteria wall, a sign is painted Literacy Lounge. There is a long couch, rugs, flexible seating, tents, beanbags, desks, and a writing center topped with baskets of paper and supplies.

o   Multimodal/ Multilingual Communication & Language Profiling and Planning

o   ELA

o   Math/ Social Studies/ Science/Health

o   Social Emotional Learning

o   Performing Arts

o   DeafBlind Incidental Learning

o   Crisis Prevention/Intervention



o   Music therapy for PIP and Preschool with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (

o   Deaf Mentor Program for PIP and Preschool (

A small multisensory room with brown carpeting, yoga mats, beanbags, large circular chair & small cubbies with books. The bulletin boards are decorated with posters.
View of a classroom with carpeting. In the center there is a pole wrapped & decorated as a tree. There are gel pads, beanbags, rocking chairs, yoga mats and a tent. On the back wall is a bubble mirror. On the side wall there are cubbies and a small table & chairs.

Special Spaces

o   Active Learning Room

o   Family Education Room

o   Family Pantry

o   Indoor Recess Room

o   Kids Kitchen

o   Literacy Lounge

o   MakerSpace

o   Multisensory Rooms

o   Sensory Integration Therapy Room

o   Universally Designed- Inclusive Playground

Side view of a Sensory Integration Room with a wooden climbing structure and colorful swings, slides, beanbags and ball pit.