Support Services

A female audiologist is kneeling on the floor while she looks into the ear of a preschool student using an otoscope. She has brown hair and is wearing a blue sweater with white polka dots. The student has on a yellow T-shirt and has 2 rows of braids in the back of his head.


On site NYS licensed audiologist, ASHA certified

Licensed hearing aid dispenser

Full audiology testing suite

Provide in-school hearing aids

Bluetooth microphone technology utilized – connected directly student’s hearing aids or to classroom soundfield

Daily technical support with all hearing devices

Instructional support on the independent use of audiological equipment

Partnering closely with students’ families and speech and hearing clinics


Pupil Personnel Services:

Helps families navigate through the CPSE/CSE intake process with the NYC Dept of Education

Organize the Evaluation Team in preparation for incoming students current enrollees

Attend required DOE meetings and provide interpreters if needed

Facilitate communication among Early Intervention Transition Coordinators, Preschools and/or CPSE/CSE and NYS Department of Education

In the Family Education Room, a small group of moms are practicing fingerspelling. Some parents look down at papers while others appear to be looking at a teacher.

Social Worker:

On Site Social Worker

Supports families in obtaining services and resources

Coordinates with outside agencies to support families in various needs

Manages the Family Education Program

Manages a Family Pantry

Health Services

SFDS has a full-time community oriented registered nurse on site. Our school nurse serves as a professional presence to support students with typical and complex medical histories when they are hurt and vulnerable. 

The nurse works with staff and parents in a professional manner to provide a nurturing approach to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of all our students:

  • Coordinates with food services, speech language pathologists, teachers, medical teams, and families regarding students with special diet and pre/post-operative care.

  • Works with hospitals and medical teams to carry out detailed care plans for students with potentially serious medical conditions e.g. epilepsy, hydrocephalus, severe allergies, heart conditions, etc.

  • Participates as a member of the school’s multi-disciplinary team, interpreting medical data and assisting in students’ health and management needs as indicated including:

o G-Tube Feeding
o Colostomy care /management
o Nebulizers
o Epi-Pen Coverage
o Dispensing medication
o Supervision Due to Seizure disorders

A female school nurse is sitting on a chair facing beside a male elementary student in the nurse’s office. The student is watching the nurse put on disposable gloves.

Family Education:

Family Education

Weekly free ASL classes

Peer to Peer Support Group moderated by our School Social Worker

Counseling and Guidance on resources and services in the community

In the Family Education room, a male Deaf instructor is standing in front of a group teaching American Sign Language. The family members are copying his signs. A child is seated in the back of the room.